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Hey everyone,

I’m Michelle Beaupre, I’m the mother of a beautiful baby girl and when I had my daughter I was lucky enough to stay home with her full-time. After I had my daughter I developed an auto immune disease called vasculitis and I went months without knowing I had it. Because of my immune disease, I realized that It was time for me to get extremely focused on my health.  The other problem was I really wanted to find something to do while being home. I began reading articles online and fell in love with health and online marketing.  I helped grow a multi-million dollar business as the Chief Marketing Officer, using Instagram, Facebook, Blogs, Pinterest and Email Marketing Strategies that added over 30% to the companies bottom line!
After A Few years, I decided it was time for me to launch my own online business, So I created a store that allowed me to do my two favorite things. Buy cute little outfits for my daughter, and digital marketing. I became the founder of one of the fastest online kids clothing stores! www.beautifulblessingboutique.com
After my success with the multi-million dollar company and my own company I realized that it was time for me to share my secrets with other woman out there so I could help empower the other stay at home moms and that Is why I created this website!
I want to share my stay at home mom tips with you! Everything from digital marketing to health fitness and business!

We’re in this together!

My Dream!

I want to be able to give mom’s everywhere the skills they need to be able to crush the business world from home, and live the healthiest, fittest life imaginable! 

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